Getaround: Driven by You

group members:

Allison Traugott, Morgan Gerber and Stephanie Rodriguez. 

brand challenges:

In a fast, highly competitive car sharing market, Getaround is challenged to identify and solve the many problems that prevent it from becoming a unique and successful company. A generic brand personality, a disconnected user experience, and an unreliable and untrustworthy service are some of the most apparent concerns the brand faces.

brand strategy:

In the attempt to change the negative image that Getaround currently has with its customers, we will ensure the accountability of drivers and owners, and improve customer service to gain trust. By designing
a new brand that is friendly, reliable, consumer oriented, and honest, we will give Getaround a livelier personality to spark interest with customers. We will also improve Getaround’s disconnected user experience by creating consistency between platforms and making information easily accessible.

creative objective:

Realizing the generic personalities of many car sharing companies, we see an advantage in presenting Getaround with a voice that elevates their service within the market. By improving communication, focusing on both owner’s and driver’s experiences, increasing social responsibility, as well as personifying the brand to be relatable to customers—Getaround will become a trustworthy resource within the car sharing community capable of rising above competitors. With a phone app, smart watch app, website, and interactive city sculptures, we plan to drive Getaround towards a sustainable and profitable future.

competitor research:

In analyzing car sharing competitors, Getaround may find success in focusing on the highlighted areas that competing companies fall short, including creating a dynamic brand, multiple platforms, and to highlight the accessibility of rental locations and options within Getaround.

internal assessment:

Getaround's initial scope can be defined by the orange circles, showing a concentration on convincing the user through technological advancements, product features, and insurance with rational approaches. This drove the user to buy the product, but Getaround neglected to interact with the individual with emotion, creating an unrelatable and uninteresting brand experience. Moving Getaround toward's the highlighted box will add the necessary entertainment and emotion, while continuing to educate and instill trust
within Getaround.



Kate Summers, Berkeley, California | 26

A recent graduate of the UC Berkeley masters program in English, Kate is busy getting settled into her new career. She brought her Honda Civic from home a few years ago and would from her apartment outside of town because rent was too high in the city. Now with a salaried job, she moved downtown and now bikes or walks to work. With Getaround, Kate is able to rent out her car and have a bit of money coming in to help with those lunches with girlfriends or impromptu shopping trips. Kate has had no problem with Getaround and has really loved being able to help out those who do not have a car.

Wants: More Renters, Insuranc

Sam Harold, Chicago, Illinois | 34

Sam lives in downtown Chicago. Sam’s income and location lend to tight budgeting and few material possessions. Without a car, Sam navigates public transportation well, however occasional trips to a lake house or the suburbs require more effort. With Getaround, Sam can rent the type of vehicle he needs depending on the weather and destination, while avoiding the costs of owning and maintaining a car. Not having a car payment has allowed Sam to live more comfortably, while not becoming an inconvenience.

Wants: Convenience, Certainty, Options


Community Focus

driven by you:

Provided with a sense of social responsibility to others and the world we live in, Getaround directly influences the city one calls home. Getaround’s car sharing service takes cars off the road, utilizes existing infrastructure, provides a resourceful mode of transportation, and allows a neighbor-to-neighbor exchange of social equity. Getaround improves the overall social health and resilience within each community by aligning with their needs. Instilled with an innate want to take care of ‘one’s own’, Getaround provides platforms for individuals and communities to connect in the physical world, reinvest in their local economy, and build upon the already unique foundation of each city. Getaround takes a long-term perspective—one that is focused on both the present and the future well-being of a community—when driving a city towards more.



A friendly neighbor-to-neighbor service deserves an impressionable mark that is lively enough to inspire movement, yet sincere and responsible—noting the social and economical commitment Getaround has made to the community.



The platform Getaround provides to the community is essential to resolving current and future concerns faced by a failing, uneconomical transportation system. Getaround is currently dedicated to the well-being of Austin, San Francisco, Washington DC, Portland, and Chicago. This system allows for quick user reference while navigating platforms, but also reinforces the communal pride of Getaround’s brand.


color palette:

This lively palette ignites Getaround’s energetic side, giving way to an approachable disposition, while creating dynamic interactions when interacting with photography. Varying hues of each color work together to create a better composition.


type palette:

The bold weight and unexpected curves of FatFrank appeal to the approachable and inclusive community Getaround embodies. In contrast, Trade Gothic LT Std provides structure and added legibility to reinforce trust and honesty.

icon system:

Getaround’s users are essential to making ride sharing possible; each individual is choosing to contribute to a greater whole. This ever-expanding series of icons comes together to create a visual system that complements the dynamic city marks, while reflecting top destinations, favorite foods, or popular landmarks in appreciation of our shared city.

mobile app:

A platform focused on allowing users to list and rent vehicles efficiently. The app will be easy to navigate featuring a trip dashboard, an in-app messaging service for security, a comprehensive review system for owners, renters, and vehicles, while encouraging environmental sustainability with an ecological rating system based on driving habits and vehicle specifications.


drive more efficiently: A vehicle can be quickly rented with as few as three taps—by selecting the nearest pin, tapping rent on the vehicle’s profile, and confirming Apply Pay before sending your request. Added conveniences like a comprehensive search and preference filter, a map and list view of Getaround’s fleet, and vehicle specifications are present for a more thorough experience.

lend your keys: While logged in, listing a vehicle can be accessed from your profile. A checklist prompts a series of forms that simplify the process, while providing uniformity across the platform. Getaround offers in-app appointment scheduling to efficiently complete installation.

a shared experience: An in-app dashboard promptly displays valuable information about a current trip, making it easier to avoid fees, extend a journey, or find assistance. A quick swipe will unlock the vehicle for easy entry, while accessibility to the owner is readily available for inquiries. Messages are stored within the app, creating a history of conversation, important notifications, and detailed rental history. Submitting a rental evaluation completes a trip, provides a layer of information and trust for users, and is a mandatory step before making another transaction. 

smart watch app:

The smart watch application features notifications reminding the user of upcoming trips and allows for easier entry into the vehicle. Using live traffic updates, notifications and directions prompt the user to head back to the return location before time expires. The app assists in encouraging refueling of the vehicle, allows for easier rental extension, and reminds the user to rate recent trips, an integral part of keeping Getaround trustworthy. The hands-free accessibility of the watch caters to new regulations on roads, while assisting the user from accruing fees.


The web exists as support, additional information, and legal matter for the user, though renting, listing vehicles, and accessing account information is also accessible.