Kipling: It Goes With You (In Progress...)


Throughout the years, Kipling has been known as a brand that stands out for its unique playful and colorful product line. The brand has been mainly focused on emphasizing the words: playful and fun. As time has passed, Kipling has grown and its target audience has shifted. A brand that was once dedicated to creating casual and playful products, has now a wide variety of products that appeal to different tastes and ages. It Goes With You highlights that Kipling is a brand for everyone to take anywhere. 

creative solution:

Kipling's It Goes With You campaign focuses on awakening the brand, by redefining the brand’s’ strengths and emphasizing the playfulness and energetic personality of the company. Kipling will refresh the general brand to attract new customers that are looking for fun and long lasting products, while maintaining current customers that appreciate the brand qualities. 


color palette: