Warning: Graphic Content


Karen Shahan, Benny Ventura, Gabriel Glenn, Chelsea Ceasor, Erin Hood, Vanessa Zhang and Rachel Shearer, and myself.


Every semester, the graduating class from the Communication Design program at Texas State University has a final portfolio presentation referred to as "Exit Review." The purpose of the event is to showcase and share the work that has been done by each of the graduating students. Traditionally, Exit Review had been held at the university all previous semesters. This is the first semester it will be held outside of campus, at the design agency, T3. Our graduating class was broken into different committees: Branding/Identity, Production, Promotion, Web/ Video, each working on a specific aspect of the exhibition.  From each committee, "Chairs" volunteered their time to handle most of the work for the event.

creative solution:

By creating a branded Portfolio Exhibition that spans printed and digital media, and to get professionals, faculty, and students excited for the graduating class of Fall 2015 through use of digital media via: email blasts, social media promotion, web design, and student directed videos to be shared across all platforms. 


The style of glitch art was used to visualize warning. It represents the infinite thoughts flying around a designer's head at any given moment, especially when there is no idea how to start a project. The colors red and blue were used to further the take on digital media, and anything on screen that a designer might have produced.



color palette:

type palette:

video campaign:

Four videos were created to promote the event digitally. Treated as a series, the first video introduces the work, the second introduces the students, the third represents all the graduating students and the processes they have experienced, and the fourth represents the end of our Communication Design experience as Texas State students, now ready to go out into the industry. These videos were sent out to professionals via social media and email.

the work:


40 designers:


the process:


the new beginning:

(under construction)




social media:

Social Media was an essential element for promoting of the event. It is a direct, playful and interesting way in which the audience can be targeted and also showcase students work.

facebook: This platform was utilized to create an event page and to promote and share the videos for the event.

twitter: This platform was utilized to connect and promote the students and the event, but also to create conversations about essential elements that are related to the event. 

instagram: This platform was used to post more playful content with our #comdesconfessions and #tweakweek. We also created two social media videos relating to what it was like in the program.


videos: For social media, a closer look into what the students were like were important to capture, in order to truthfully represent the graduating class. The topic chosen was "If Typefaces Were People". The video was lit in the same way as our senior portraits to further the brand. This video has been featured on Webdesigner News, Buzzfeed, retweeted by various visual designer accounts such as Design-Newz, T3, and AIGA Austin.

if type were people pt. 1:


if type were people pt. 2: